Key Features

Newspaper Solutions

We offer innovative ways of reaching local community audiences with out-of-home opportunities and promotion, such as Online, Front Page Strip, and ``Sticky Note`` advertising. Gain access to our network of over one hundred award- winning community newspapers. Our customized, targeted programs for clients makes it easy to get started and generate new sales leads.

Direct Mailing Lists

We makes it easy to streamline your direct mail campaign based on the best targeted leads with your target audiences' name, email and full postal address.

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Email Marketing

We offer turnkey email marketing and direct mail strategies that help you connect with your best prospects and turn them into clients. Our cost-effective and successful solutions help you to reach customers, convert prospects into buyers, and keep clients connected to your brand.

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With local Search Engine Optimization, we can boost your rank in map searches and bring new customers through your doors. Our SEO services can help you claim and optimize your local listings, encourage customers to review, and create consistent citations that will aid your local search rankings in Washington DC and beyond.

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Website Design

We offer expert website design, development and content optimization; providing you with a fully functional, responsive site that works across all platforms.

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We represents the next generation of programmatic e-marketing that uses unstructured data matching with Media Prowler’s live data. Through site, search and contextual targeting we provide you with the opportunity to track your target audience, relay your message, and enhance your email campaign. Our platform enables audience e-target matching, bidding, optimization and reporting at the individual data element level, including recency.

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